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Human Up

We hear this all the time from television and movies, from teachers and coaches, and from parents scolding their teens. Personally, I love getting off the couch, I like being a part of something. From 5ks to triathlons, to helping others and being of service. This is a part of being alive that I love. Working hard, experiencing what the world has to offer, impacting others through action and contributing to my society.

Sadly, getting off the couch and participating doesn’t always have a positive impact, as I feel it should. I have been watching partisan politics tear our communities and our country apart.  I have watched the sensational media harping on the negativity in its midst; contributing to the disgusting politics in our country.  Everyone knows our partisan divide is terrible.  Everyone agrees we should stand up to it, but many fear that if you stand up, you will get torn down by other politicians or by the media.

When I first discussed running for office, after 30 years of executive leadership in corporate America, everyone told me not to do it; “they” will be merciless and grotesque.  I understood this, but made a conscience decision to run because I love our city, I love our country, and this is the only way I know how to help, by “getting off the couch.”

I think that we need a change in terminology. As humans and as citizens we need to understand that we need to be of service, we need to help others, and we need to work together to make positive change. This participation will look different to different people, but from here on out I submit that we no longer call this “getting off the couch,” but “Human Up.” To show that we’re all human, we can all make an impact, and we all need to if we’re going to see positive change.

I encourage us all to Human Up.

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