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Crime & Safety

No one should have to worry about their safety, or the safety of their family, in their neighborhood. We should all feel safe going to our local supermarkets, parks, and schools, and we should definitely feel safe in our homes. We need focused efforts NOW in dealing with the key factors the feed into local crime rates: homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment, and more. Violent crimes and burglaries should be dealt with swiftly and successfully by local law enforcement in order to protect our neighborhoods for the long term. Dave will expand the police and law enforcement presence by adding more officers, neighborhood watches, and technological assets such as cameras to protect our communities.

However, the reality is that an increased police presence creates fear for a part of our community because of issues throughout the United States of police-involved deaths in the African American community. With power comes responsibility, and all police officers should be properly trained to identify different types of scenarios, in order to properly identify when their lives are actually in danger. They also need increased training on de-escalation efforts. No shooting should be the first or second attempt to stop a citizen, whether they’re involved in a crime or not. While the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is known throughout the U.S. as having increased training and have lower numbers of officer-involved shootings, Dave will advocate for increased funding for local emergency responders and updated training, because our community deserves to have strong representation and protection, on all levels.

Part of Dave’s mission is to help eradicate homelessness and increase treatment for substance abuse, which will lower crime rates in our local area. Learn more about that, and other issues Las Vegas is facing, here.

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