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Intervention Services

Dave Marlon has been doing interventions for over 15 years in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Sin City” is a melting pot of culture and opportunity, but also a melting pot of addiction and substance abuse.

An intervention is a structured approach to facilitating a person with a substance use disorder to face his or her addiction and the need for treatment. The intervention is important when a substance abuser is in denial about their abuse or behaves in a way that suggests they will not seek treatment on their own, despite the necessity. Another benefit of an intervention is that concerned parties (four to six is recommended) can join forces to encourage the substance abuser to get help.

Addiction is a family disease and usually the family is supporting the using behavior in various ways. As an experienced interventionist, Dave helps the family understand enabling behaviors and how to establish boundaries.

The objective of the intervention is to get the person into treatment. Dave uses a loving but assertive and assumptive intervention style to get the person into treatment.

In recovery himself for 15 years, Dave establishes a rapport with the interventionee and offers hope for their future.

Dave has taught intervention courses at the local college, has treated over 5,000 people with substance use disorders, and has performed over 200 interventions. He is featured on the newest season of the Emmy award winning show, A&E’s “Intervention” as the intervention specialist.


Intervention Services Package: $5,000

  • Pre-Intervention Planning & Communication
  • Intervention
  • Transport
  • In-treatment Management
  • Post-Treatment Follow Up & Communication
  • Education for the Family on the Disease of Addiction, Setting Up Healthy Boundaries, Enabling, and Organizing Family Counseling & Psychoeducation


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